What is plan management in ndis?

Plan administration is when a provider supports you to manage your NDIS plan funds. These providers are known as plan administrators. Plan administration is not the same as having the NDIA manage your NDIS plan funds or having you decide to manage your plan yourself. Learn more about ways to manage your funds.

Plan administration is one of the options you have for managing your NDIS plan money. Plan administration allows you to choose and control how you use your NDIS budget, but you are supported by a “plan administrator” who helps you manage your funds and pay your bills. The plan administrator is a financial intermediary who is there to help you manage your NDIS plan funding. Watch our YouTube video What Does an NDIS Plan Manager Do? According to the NDIS, plan management deals with the financial management of your plan.

Anyone can choose to add plan administration to their NDIS plan without having to pay out of pocket expenses. We'll talk more about the different options later, but first let's look at what exactly plan management is. To do this, we manage your plan funding efficiently and communicate with you and your service providers to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from NDIS funding. You don't have to decide right away exactly who manages your plan, but you should be clear about whether you want someone else to manage your plan or if you want to do it yourself or your designated person to do it for you.

The local area coordinator or planner will ask you at the planning meeting how you prefer to have your NDIS plan funds managed. Assist Plan Managers recognizes the country's traditional landlords across Australia and their ongoing connection to land, sea and community. It gives the participant the most options and control, while allowing someone else (their NDIS plan administrator) to do all the hard work. Each plan management option has a different way of working, and some types of plan management give you more flexibility, options and control than others.

In a nutshell, an NDIS plan administrator pays for approved consumables and support provided by service providers. In addition, it takes care of all the paperwork related to your plan and your NDIS services so you don't have to. This option is suitable for people who prefer the NDIS to manage part of their budget, but who want to be in control of certain services. We offer a professional, friendly, and most importantly, personal plan management service, allowing you to get in direct contact with your personal customer care manager when and where you need it.

NDIS plan management gives you the support you need to get the most out of your funds while giving you maximum control over how you use them.

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