Are there any restrictions on who can use the ndis provider finder?

Providers that offer supports and services under the NDIS must operate and comply with relevant Australian laws, rules and regulations. Guidelines are available to help both suppliers and NDIS workers understand their obligations under the NDIS Code of Conduct. We suggest helping NDIS participants and providers understand their legal options, rights and obligations. The NDIS Commission is responsible for establishing, operating and maintaining the NDIS worker selection database that supports the NDIS worker selection verification.

However, registration can assure NDIS participants that the services and supports of the NDIS provider meet the level of quality and safety established in the NDIS standards of practice. For more information on the NDIS worker selection database, including how to request access to the database and use it, see the NDIS worker selection page, the flow chart and the quick reference guide. In all of these cases, a total of 788 NDIS providers did not obtain adequate authorization to apply these restrictions to 7,826 NDIS participants. A “self-managed plan” is where an NDIS participant or their plan candidate contracts NDIS supports and services on their own.

Providers must inform the NDIS commission each time they use a restricted office without authorization. The NDIS worker selection check is only available to those who provide NDIS supports and services to NDIS participants. You can start by raising your concern with your child's NDIS provider, or you can file a complaint with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. NDIS providers are organizations and individuals who provide support and services to NDIS participants, such as your child.

The providers also reported 789 cases of unauthorized confinement, that is, locking an NDIS customer in a room that he cannot leave.

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