What is the difference between a plan manager and a support coordinator?

The key difference between the two is that they each focus on different aspects of implementing an NDIS plan. In a nutshell, plan management helps financial administration, while support coordination focuses on supports and providers. The role of a support coordinator is to help you implement your NDIS plan. That means connecting you with quality providers that fit your needs, ensuring that service agreements are in place, and considering how best to use your funds in a way that allows you to achieve the goals you set out in your plan.

The goal of Support Connection is to help you understand your plan and to develop the skills necessary to implement and manage your NDIS plan. There are 3 different levels of support coordination that can be included in a participant's NDIS plan. Support Connection aims to help you develop your ability to connect with supporting organizations to get the most out of NDIS Plan funding. Both the plan administrator and the support coordinator can contact each other regarding their supports and providers when necessary.

With a plan administrator, you'll have the flexibility to manage your plan on your own, without the stress of paying bills and managing budgets. Assist Plan Managers recognizes the country's traditional landlords across Australia and their ongoing connection to land, sea and community. Remember that you can access a plan administrator and a support coordinator; however, this will depend on what the NDIS has included in funding your plan.

NDIS plan management

is a service funded by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency), in which a provider supports NDIS participants in managing their NDIS funds.

If you decide that you want your plan to be managed by the plan, you'll need to bring it up at the NDIS planning meeting. There are no prerequisites or conditions to include plan management in your NDIS plan; you simply have to request it. The service is fully funded by the NDIS and can be accessed by requesting the inclusion of a plan administrator in your plan. You can choose between managed by an agency (funds are recorded and paid directly by the NDIS), self-managed (you pay the bills and keep all the records) or managed by a plan (a provider like BudgetNet is responsible for processing invoices and keeping records on your behalf).

If you know that plan administration helps you manage the financial aspect of your plan, support coordination helps you manage NDIS supports and services.

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