What is a verification audit ndis?

  1. NDIS eligibility

If you provide other types of services, learn more about our NDIS certification audits. To apply for or renew registration with the NDIS Commission, all suppliers undergo an audit according to the NDIS standards of practice. An independent and approved quality auditor will evaluate your organization based on the components of the NDIS standards of practice that are relevant to the services and supports you provide. Auditors will also carry out their activities taking into account the size, scope and risk of providing services of their organization.

The NDIS audit is an evaluation of NDIS providers and their key personnel to provide NDIS supports and services. GCC, as your approved quality auditor, will first verify that the scope of the audit is accurate and then begin the auditing process. The NDIS Commission will inform you about the type of audit you need, based on your registration groups. The reports, documents and conclusions of the audit are uploaded to the Commission's portal.

Once the audit report has been completed and reviewed, it will be uploaded to the Commission's portal together with the submitted documentation. Verification audits can take up to 1 day to complete and will include a full review of your documentation according to NDIS standards. When it comes to NDIS verification and certification, your company will need to submit relevant evidence demonstrating your ability to meet the NDIS standards of practice. The phase 1 audit is an external, face-to-face audit that determines if you are ready for certification and is followed by a phase 2 audit, within three months.

You can complete a “request for modification of the record” form (which is obtained from the NDIS Commission) to request the removal of a registered group between an audit and another. With years of experience implementing the NDIS auditing process, GCC is an incredibly competent and professional auditor and a partner for improvement. We'll also explain the differences between NDIS verification and certification to help you understand what level of registration is best for your NDIS-related business. These factors include the size and scope of your organization, as well as the vendor performing the NDIS audit.

It will describe whether you need a “verification” or “certification” audit and what your organization must demonstrate to meet the relevant NDIS standards of practice. It is the responsibility of the approved quality auditor to prepare the audit report in a way that allows the NDIS commissioner to use the information to support his decision in determining the applicant's suitability. Basically, this implies that an independent auditor will analyze the way in which your company provides services and support and whether it must undergo an audit to verify or certify the NDIS.

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