Does the ndis provider finder provide pricing information for providers?

Providers decide their prices based on the cost of providing supports or services. The NDIA does not set the prices that suppliers charge it. The price agreements and price limits of the NDIS (formerly the NDIS Price Guide) help participants and support providers for people with disabilities to understand how price controls for supports and services work in the NDIS. The supplier search tool, available on myplace's provider and participant portals, offers both suppliers and participants the ability to search for suppliers by name, location and group of services or professionals.

Learn more about using this tool. The supplier search animation explains how to use the supplier search engine. Partner health providers provide tests, evaluations, and reports that inform the access and planning decisions made by NDIA delegates (planners) under the NDIS Act. The NDIS price agreements for specialized accommodation for the disabled (formerly the Price Guide for specialized accommodation for the disabled) are a summary of the price limits and other price agreements that apply to the SDA under the NDIS.

The SDA price calculator can help providers calculate the expected annual income from an SDA home. The NDIS Grief Addendum lists the elements of support that providers can request after the death of an NDIS participant. This includes expanding the range of people you can offer support to and expanding your online presence through the NDIS Provider Finder tool. The AHPA provider preparation checklist (external) contains important information on how to become an NDIS provider.

The NDIS cost model for support workers for people with disabilities has been updated to better reflect the cost structures of efficient providers in the sector. The NDIS provides funding through the participant's plan and the participant, often with additional support, such as a support coordinator, seeks and requests the SDA option that best fits their needs. Some vendors offer support from different locations, and the vendor finder can display this information using the “Point of Sale Details” feature. The NDIS Grief Annex is not a standalone document and should be read in conjunction with the price agreements and price limits of the NDIS.

To help participants find suppliers in the Provider Search, it is important that all their data is up to date in the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission). The locations of the suppliers are shown on a map (unless the supplier has opted to have their address deleted). Students, allied health professionals, and interim psychologists can provide services to NDIS participants that help ensure the best outcome for the participant. It is not a complete list of all the supports that the NDIS can provide as reasonably and needed.

The NDIS provides funding to participants for supports and services aimed at increasing their independence, inclusion, and social and economic participation. More information and copies of the “I heart NDIS” and “I Support NDIS” logos can be found on the Trademarks and Use of Logos page. The home and housing demonstration projects appendix is an addition to the new SIL support element to specifically support the implementation of home and housing demonstration projects, for use by NDIS providers with a memorandum of understanding to carry out the first round demonstration project.

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