Does the ndis provider finder provide information about provider customer service or satisfaction ratings?

The NDIA regularly collects information on the opinions of participants about their interactions with the Agency. The NDIS Commission recognizes that any NDIS participant who receives personal support in their own home may be at some level of risk if that support is provided by the same individual NDIS worker for an extended period. Customers who access any service value registering with the NDIS; however, for people who access work help it is almost essential, since 91% of respondents say that registering in the NDIS is a consideration when deciding who they work with. Managing your NDIS supports can be difficult, especially if you have complex needs or if you receive many different services through the NDIS.

Although registration in the NDIS is free of charge, compliance and ongoing auditing entail significant costs to maintain registration in the NDIS, especially for large organizations. With so many different service providers, you need to carefully consider connecting with providers who can provide you with the supports you need, how and when you need them. Once you have your NDIS plan and know what supports you qualify for, it's time to do some research about the different providers and the services they can offer you. You can also contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission if you think your supplier is not meeting its obligations and file a complaint.

They can provide you with guidance, advocate on your behalf, and help you resolve any disputes or issues with your NDIS provider. If the evidence of disability you provide doesn't help the NDIA decide if you qualify for the NDIS, you will be asked to provide more information. An NDIS support worker is a health professional who provides support services to people living with a disability. The NDIS program provides financial assistance in choosing the right health care for each person.

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