What are the eligibility requirements for registering as a provider on the ndis provider finder?

For more information, visit the. The NDIS Commission provides information and guidance to help you understand how to meet the requirements in the context of your organization. For the best support for registering as an NDIS service provider in New South Wales, choose Provider+. The NDIS Commission will manage the registration and quality control of NDIS suppliers under a coherent framework at the national level.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (or NDIS Commission) has specific eligibility conditions, standards and prerequisites that each person must meet in order for their NDIS registration to be approved. This means, for example, that a provider with only a few workers and a small number of participants must submit a different level of evidence to meet the requirements, compared to a national provider with a large workforce and many participants. Providers must be prepared to market their services to prospective NDIS customers to ensure that the effort and expense of registering with the NDIS Commission are worthwhile. As its name suggests, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission was created to improve and protect the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services.

If you have government accredited training, PACFA automatically accredits you as an NDIS provider. Because of the existing obligations of these suppliers to their relevant professional bodies and the less complex types of support offered, the provider will hire an approved quality auditor to complete a documentary review of the required documentary evidence described for each profession in the verification module. Details on the quality requirements and safeguards of the NDIS Commission can be found in NDIS legislation, standards and policies. To apply for or renew registration with the NDIS Commission, all suppliers are audited according to the NDIS practical standards.

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