What is required to register with the ndis commission portal?

The NDIS Commission portal offers a variety of tools and resources to support quality and safeguards for people with disabilities. The portal helps providers understand their obligations and comply with the standards and requirements of the NDIS Commission by providing access to various tools and resources. If you don't have an NDIS Commission Portal user account, see the Quick Reference Guide: How to access the NDIS Commission portal. Approved quality auditors also use the NDIS Commission portal to record their audit recommendations for a supplier's application for registration with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

This full overview will discuss the NDIS Commission portal and its features, benefits and how it supports the quality and safety of people with disabilities. Please contact the NDIS Commission at NDIS Practitioners if you have questions about your application. Providers can access information on compliance requirements, incidents and complaints, and the NDIS Commission can monitor compliance and take necessary action. The NDIS Commission portal contains tools for providers to manage their registry and comply with their obligations.

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