What is the ndis service in australia?

The National Disability Insurance Plan (NDIS) supports people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to participate in daily activities. The NDIS provides funding to eligible people with disabilities so they can spend more time with family and friends, have greater independence, access new skills, jobs or volunteering in their community, and improve their quality of life. The NDIS is not subject to a resource test. Like many other Australian Government social policy programs, such as Medicare, the pharmaceutical benefit plan and income support payments, the NDIS is a limitless (demand-driven) plan.

For more information on the type of supports and for case studies on people's experience at NDIS trial sites, visit the NDIS website (External link). The Government has proposed that this additional amount come from budgetary savings allocated to a special account, the NDIS Savings Fund, which “will keep the expenses lower than expected by the NDIS and the savings selected by the entire Government”. The NDIS Act also created the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the independent public body responsible for administering the NDIS. More information on the types of supports the NDIS can finance can be found in the NDIS pricing agreements and price limits.

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