How do i view my profile on the ndis commission portal?

Once you have authenticated your identity with PRODA, your username and password will allow you to access several online services, including the NDIS Commission. The portal for NDIS participants is called myplace. Learn more about the my NDIS portal. All existing suppliers that access the myplace supplier portal myplace will be able to access the my NDIS supplier portal.

It is a secure web portal on the Australian Government's MyGov website where you or a person you trust (a candidate or a representative of a minor) can access your NDIS information. The my NDIS provider portal is separate from the MyPlace provider portal, where providers submit payment requests and create service bookings. The my NDIS provider portal allows providers to create online SDA housing enrollment requests and view and manage the application process from start to finish. The step-by-step guide to my NDIS provider portal describes how my NDIS provider portal works with examples of the menus and screens of the portal.

All housing specializing in housing for people with disabilities (SDA) must be enrolled in the NDIA through my NDIS provider portal.

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