Are there any additional costs associated with using an unregistered or registered plan manager outside of all relevant laws and regulations related to disability services in australia?

The National Disability Insurance Plan (NDIS) is complex, so no matter where you are in your NDIS journey, you probably have questions you need reliable answers to. We know this because, as NDIS plan management experts, we receive questions from our customers every day. The requirements for keeping bills and receipts vary depending on how you decide to manage your NDIS plan. One of the advantages of the NDIS is that participants can count on the support of a plan administrator without having to use established funds for other forms of support, so if you want to hire a plan administrator, you just have to ask the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to include funds to improve the quality of life in your plan.

If you are self-managing, you must keep track of bills and receipts for five years to show that you have paid for your supports and used your funds in accordance with your NDIS plan. If you already have an NDIS plan, you can request the cost of reports and evaluations from your budget to improve your daily life. If the SDA has been included in your NDIS plan, the building type and location of the SDA will normally need to fit your plan. You can also contact trusted providers on Kinora, an online community created by My Plan Manager to help people with disabilities and their supporters connect with colleagues, NDIS experts, professionals in the disability sector and service providers.

This is because plan administration fees are paid with a specific type of funding from your NDIS plan, called “Improved Life Choices.”.

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