Does the ndis provider finder provide access to customer complaints about providers?

At any time, you can file a complaint, praise, or offer a suggestion to help us improve our service. There are several ways you can do this. We welcome complaints about whether a service funded by the NDIS has been provided securely and to the appropriate standards. You can also complain about how an NDIS provider has treated your complaint.

The NDIA has an online complaint form that can be used to provide feedback and file a complaint with the NDIA. The NDIA complaint procedure states that complaints must be resolved within 21 days of receiving the complaint and that an NDIA representative must contact the person who filed the complaint within two days of the receipt of the complaint. We collect information on consumer and fair trade issues. We do this through the reports we receive and from other sources.

We use this data to inform our education, compliance and compliance efforts. Learn more in our Compliance and Compliance Policy. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission) is an independent Commonwealth agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. NDIS providers are organizations and individuals who provide support and services to NDIS participants, such as your child.

Complaints can be filed by contacting the NDIS Commission at 1800 035 544 or using the NDIS Commission's online complaint form. You can start by raising your concern with your child's NDIS provider, or you can file a complaint with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. The NDIS Commission was established to improve and monitor the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. Any NDIS participant, their family, friends, caregivers, advocates, or other workers can file a complaint with the NDIS Commission about the provision of services or supports funded by the NDIS.

If you are concerned about the quality or safety of the NDIS supports or services you receive, you can file a complaint with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. The Victoria Disabled Workers' Commission's external liaison regulates all disabled workers in Victoria and provides a central point where anyone can file a complaint or report their concerns about the quality and safety of the services provided by disabled workers in Victoria. There are different complaint processes that apply depending on whether a person files a complaint about the NDIA or a complaint about an NDIS provider or service provider.

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