How do i access ndis plan management?

There are several ways to find NDIS service providers, such as plan managers. One of the best ways is to use the Provider Finder tool on the NDIS myplace participant portal. The service they offer is called “NDIS Plan Management” or “Improved Life Choices” or “CB Choice and Control” in their plan. During the planning meeting, your early childhood partner, LAC planner, or NDIA will ask how you would like to manage NDIS funds.

The plan administrator is a support provider for people with disabilities who works with NDIS participants to help them get the most out of their plan funds. When you request plan administration at the planning meeting or plan review, you will receive additional funding for this service. Even if your funds are managed by the NDIA or a plan administrator, you should regularly check the myplace portal and your funds to ensure that your budgets are on track. A plan management agency, working independently of the NDIS and the NDIA, is a trusted third-party service provider for the financial management of your plan.

Some plan managers, such as Plan Services for People with Disabilities, will do everything in their power to help provide you with the best supports, as well as provide you with personalized counseling that fits your individual needs and goals. The my NDIS mobile app will work together with the myplace participant portal to help participants manage their NDIS plans quickly, easily and flexibly. If you choose to have your plan funds managed by an outside agency, you may be wondering how to find an NDIS plan manager that's right for you. The NDIA will provide your plan funds to hire a plan administrator to pay your providers for you, help you keep track of the funds, and take care of financial reporting for you.

Participants should check their plan and service reservation information and contact their local NDIS office if the information appears to be incorrect. For example, you can choose to self-manage part of your plan to get started and let the rest be managed by the NDIA. As an NDIS participant, you can choose and fully control your NDIS funds and how they are managed for the life of your plan.

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