Is ndis worth it?

The one in the gym is a little complicated, but it's NDIS. The Productivity Commission estimates that, with an NDIS, no one will be worse off than they are today. It also predicts that many people will be better off with an NDIS. This is because the goal is to ensure that you receive the right amount of support to participate socially and economically in your community.

Making an investment with the SDA program seems attractive at first glance. However, if you look a little closer, you'll see that this strategy has a lot of holes. All the supports we fund under the NDIS must be good value for money. This means that the cost of support is reasonable, considering the benefits of support and the cost of other supports.

While NDIS properties are in high demand and offer excellent returns on paper, it's important to remember that any investment involves risks and you should always act with due diligence before making any decisions. Accessing an autism diagnosis is expensive and arduous, and often takes years and costs thousands of dollars. Any subsequent funding from the NDIS for very intensive support is excessively difficult to obtain. Advocates for autistic children and their families told a parliamentary committee on the NDIS in August that 100% of autistic children with intensive support needs whom they had helped to access the NDIS had initially been rejected and had to challenge the decision before the administrative court of appeals.

To receive SDA payments from NDIS service providers, you must have an approved NDIS participant who is willing to rent your property. This means that to receive SDA payments from NDIS service providers, you must have an approved NDIS participant to rent your property.

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