What is required to use the ndis commission portal?

Most people who need access to the NDIS Commission portal will need a PRODA account.

Once you have authenticated your identity with PRODA, your username and password will allow you to access several online services, including the NDIS Commission Portal.

The my NDIS provider portal, which is accessed by providers specializing in accommodation for the disabled, allows providers to register and manage SDA housing. If you don't have an NDIS Commission Portal user account, see the Quick Reference Guide: How to access the NDIS Commission portal. The NDIS Commission will conduct an suitability assessment to determine if its service for one or its key staff.

After you submit your application online, the NDIS Commission will send you an initial document on the scope of the audit. Only auditing organizations that have been approved by the NDIS Commission can assess whether a supplier meets the NDIS standards of practice. The NDIS Commission will monitor individual services to ensure that they meet the registration conditions. After your application has been approved by the NDIS Commission, you must continue to comply with all registration conditions.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission) deals with complaints about the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. The NDIS Commission will analyze the results of the audit that will be provided to you by the approved quality auditor. Once you have chosen an approved quality auditor, you must add that “Auditor Relationship” to the NDIS Commission portal. The NDIS Commission can suspend, change, or cancel your registration if you don't meet the conditions.

If something is not clear or correct in your document about the “initial scope of the audit”, for example, if the included registry groups are not correct, the auditor can access their records on the NDIS Commission portal and make the changes. The step-by-step guide to my NDIS provider portal describes how my NDIS provider portal works with examples of the menus and screens of the portal. The my NDIS provider portal allows providers to create online SDA housing enrollment requests and view and manage the application process from start to finish. More information on registry groups can be found in the document Registration Requirements for Supports and Services on the NDIS Commission website.

All housing specializing in housing for people with disabilities (SDA) must be registered with the NDIA through the portal of my NDIS provider.

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