What is required to submit an application through the ndis commission portal?

Most people who need access to the NDIS Commission portal will need a PRODA account. Once you have authenticated your identity with PRODA, your username and password will allow you to access several online services, including the portals of the NDIS Commission. You can request your NDIS check online at Service Victoria. If you are granted an exclusion from the NDIS, this means that you cannot work in an NDIS risk assessment function for the purposes of the NDIS.

If you have an authorization from the NDIS and your role in the NDIS involves work related to children, you must also have an authorization from the WWC or have requested a check from the WWC. The Framework aimed to establish a coherent evaluation of workers at the national level that would allow the evaluated workers to provide the services and supports of the NDIS in any state or territory, and any employer would provide services within the framework of the NDIS. Please contact the NDIS Commission at NDIS Practitioners if you have questions about your application. Do not notify the department, in writing, within 7 days of a material change in circumstances while you are in possession of an authorization from the NDIS or you have requested an authorization from the NDIS.

The national verification and supplier obligations of the NDIS are found on the worker evaluation website of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission External link You cannot work in an NDIS risk assessment function until you have received an authorization from the NDIS, unless you are subject to a transitional agreement. Some people will need to obtain an authorization from the NDIS and an authorization from the WWC, as they can engage in child-related work as part of their role in the NDIS. Your NDIS authorization status will be recorded in the NDIS National Commission's Worker Selection Database (NWSD), external link. If you have an authorization from the NDIS and you have already paid your WWC check, necessary for your position in the NDIS, you can request a refund by filling out the following refund request form.

If you are granted an exclusion from the NDIS, you will not be able to request an NDIS check again for five years from the date of notification, unless your circumstances change. The NDIS Commission regulates the NDIS market, provides national coherence, promotes safety and quality services, resolves problems and identifies areas for improvement. The website of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission contains quick reference guides for using worker selection portals (external link). The NDIS Worker Selection Control (NDIS Check) is an important part of the Framework that works with other components to support the dignity, safety and well-being of NDIS participants.

The NDIS Check is a way to ensure that people who work with NDIS participants do not pose an unacceptable risk to participants. Once you have completed your request, the provider or participant you designate will receive a notification from the NDIS Commission stating that they have 30 days to verify your request.

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