How many ndis registered providers are there in australia?

Providers have supported participants since the start of the program. The quarterly NDIS report shows that there are now more than 550,000 Australians with disabilities receiving life-changing support from the main global program. Ms. Henderson said that the new framework will ensure that NDIS participants remain at the center of the decisions made by the NDIS.

The number of Australian participants receiving aid from the NDIS has skyrocketed to almost 200% in the last five years, while the number of providers has just doubled and has barely kept up with demand in some states. As of 30 June, those 466,598 NDIS participants were supported by some 27,700 active NDIS suppliers who employed about 270,000 workers in 20 occupations. These include improving the supplier search tool and establishing a national supplier payments team for suppliers who have difficulty filing a claim. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, a new independent Commonwealth body, was created to oversee the provision of quality supports and services and to regulate the registration and compliance of suppliers.

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