Can i use a plan management provider to manage my funds and services outside of all relevant laws and regulations related to disability services in australia?

Anyone who has access to NDIS funds must comply with relevant Australian laws, rules and regulations. The National Disability Insurance System (External Link) (NDIS) allows you to choose to self-manage all or part of your budget. This includes being able to hire and pay your own support workers directly, without going to an agency or third party. By giving their consent to share information, employees of their plan administrator can discuss personal and plan information with their trusted providers, the NDIS and other candidates for trusted services, as recommended.

Your plan administrator sees all feedback as an opportunity to grow, improve, and ultimately serve you better. We recommend that you review your monthly budget statement, including invoices claimed and funds spent (the remaining 26% of the funds managed by the plan). Plan administration funding includes an initial fee to set up payment agreements with providers and a monthly processing fee. If you have questions about how to use your NDIS funds, your NDIS planner or LAC can provide advice and support to help you do the right thing.

It will remain in effect throughout the Participant's relationship with the plan administrator until either party terminates it in accordance with the Termination section of this service agreement. Your plan administrator collects your personal information and that of other parties in order to provide you with the services set out in this agreement. Plan administration, also called “better living options” in an NDIS plan, is the service provided by your plan administrator. If you manage your NDIS funds yourself, you will need to keep proof of what you spend your NDIS funds on (e.g.

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