How do i view my account history on the ndis commission portal?

Once you have authenticated your identity with PRODA, your username and password will allow you to access several online services, including the NDIS Commission. Tasmanian participants who are not participating in the test should continue to use the current myplace portal and the existing my NDIS application until their plan is re-evaluated or modified. You can contact your my NDIS contact for more information or to get help through the my NDIS portal. Once you have a new plan, you can only view the plan information on the new my NDIS portal.

We will create and offer more features in the portal for participants in my NDIS so that you can complete all your activities in one portal. You can copy the ABN from a tax file or invoice to your computer and then paste the number into the ABN field of the my NDIS portal. All claims can be viewed on the my NDIS portal and in the my NDIS application, regardless of the system I used to file the claim. Suppliers must notify the National Quality and Safeguards Commission of the NDIS if they are aware of a significant impact on the continuity of service or support.

Nominees and representatives who access a participant's plan on the portal must use their own NDIS number. You have 90 days to use my NDIS participant portal if you are no longer a participant or representative. If you make a claim from the My NDIS portal, the balance that appears on the portal will be updated as soon as the claim has been made. It is a secure web portal on the Australian Government's MyGov website where you or a person you trust (a candidate or a representative of a minor) can access your NDIS information.

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