What is the role of the ndis planner?

The planner's role is to work with people to explore their needs, goals and aspirations and to develop a plan that specifies how supports will be funded so that the person can have a good life. The NDIS makes decisions about what people can access based on legal principles of what is reasonable and necessary. An NDIS planner is a professional who works with participants to develop their NDIS plan and coordinate services and support. They also provide information and advice and defend the rights of participants.

Navigating the NDIS bureaucratic landscape can be overwhelming. Planners act as skilled navigators and ease the administrative burden off the participants' shoulders. By managing paperwork, coordinating with service providers and ensuring compliance with NDIS standards, planners create a simplified, stress-free experience. Not only does this reduction in administrative burden improve participants' well-being, but it also frees up valuable time and mental space to pursue your personal goals.

Your NDIS plan sets out your objectives and the supports that will help you achieve those objectives. We create your plan based on support needs directly related to your disability. An early childhood partner is an “NDIA partner in the community” that connects families and children under 9 to the NDIS through the Early Childhood Intervention (ECEI) mechanism. Its primary role is to provide support to families and children to access the NDIS and to help them overcome the different stages of the NDIS process.

The role of an NDIS planner is to help NDIS participants achieve their goals and live a more independent life. At the center of this system is the NDIS planner, a key figure responsible for guiding participants through the complexities of the NDIS. Working with an NDIS planner gives participants access to a professional who can help them navigate the NDIS system and ensure that they are receiving the best possible care. NDIS planners also work with participants to understand their objectives and how the NDIS will help them achieve them. An NDIS planner plays a critical role in helping NDIS participants achieve their goals and live a more independent life.

Once the NDIS participant has a plan in place, an NDIS planner can help them get the support they need. Yes, the NDIS planner CAN approve the NDIS plan, but it also doesn't provide the same support as a LAC when it comes to connecting with local supports.

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