How to find self-managed participants?

These are three key online avenues you should use to help self-managed NDIS participants find you. As part of any business, you must have a strong online presence for people looking for your service to discover you. Having a good website is vital for a solid and ongoing presence in online spaces, but it's not as simple as simply existing. Having a good website will help you gain customers passively, but having a strong presence on social media will help to actively publicize your name.

While it's important not to be aggressive, you should promote yourself. Self-managed participants can request access to a database to check the authorization status of an NDIS worker. This is an important step in finding self-managed NDIS participants. To do this, search for people and groups in your industry and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Share your personal story and successes. You're forging your voice as a passionate, caring, and trustworthy expert. The NWSD will display information to help self-managed and plan-managed participants know if a worker is eligible to work. For current applications, the status of “eligible to work” will appear as “No”.Your workers can continue to work while their application is in progress.

Or, you can decide if you want them to wait for authorization. The choice is up to you. If you receive worrying information about your worker during the application process, you will be asked to stop working immediately until a result is reached. You will be notified if your worker is prohibited from providing you with supports and services. For more information on evaluating NDIS workers for self-managed and plan-managed participants, see our specific fact sheets.

We have developed the NDIS Self-Management Guide for people who are self-managing or are interested in self-managing NDIS funds. If you have a representative or candidate to help you self-manage your plan, they can request that a worker who provides you with NDIS support and services undergo an NDIS job selection check and confirm that the worker has a authorization.

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