What is the difference between plan manager and support coordinator?

In a nutshell, plan management helps with financial administration, while support coordination focuses on supports and providers. While all participants can access plan management, support coordination is only available to those who meet the “reasonable and necessary” criteria. The role of a support coordinator is to help you implement your NDIS plan. That means connecting you with quality providers that fit your needs, ensuring that service agreements are in place, and considering how best to use your funds in a way that allows you to achieve the goals you set out in your plan.

The functions of the plan administrator can include things such as ensuring that your provider's bills are paid, that claims are made through the NDIS portal, and providing you with a monthly statement that shows how much of each budget is outstanding. Plan administrators can also provide advice and support about the types of services and providers that might be best for you, based on your individual needs. The purpose of Support Connection is to help you understand your plan and develop the skills necessary to implement and manage your NDIS plan. In that case, it's important to have a support coordinator to help you find the right option and an experienced plan administrator who focuses on paying those providers once you've started receiving supports.

While the plan administrator focuses more on the financial aspects of your NDIS plan, a support coordinator will help you manage the supports and providers you hire. This type of funding is generally intended for participants who have a high level of functioning and a level of independence, but who still need occasional support to manage their NDIS plan. So what's the difference? Basically, plan administrators can help you with the financial management of your NDIS plan, while support coordinators can provide you with information and guidance on the types of services and providers that might be best for you. The goal of Support Connection is to help you better understand your plan and develop the skills necessary to implement and manage your NDIS plan.

At the same time, you may have already participated in the NDIS for a while; however, you may focus on finding new providers during this period of the plan. By hiring a plan manager, you can focus on achieving your goals, without the stress of paying bills and overseeing NDIS budgets. To include a plan administrator or support coordinator (or both) in your NDIS plan, you can request these services at the planning meeting. You can choose between managed by an agency (funds are recorded and paid directly by the NDIS), self-managed (you pay the bills and keep all the records) or managed by a plan (a provider like BudgetNet is responsible for processing invoices and keeping records on your behalf).

The key to enjoying NDIS hassle-free is to find a support coordinator and plan manager who fits your needs, but who also work together to provide you with the best support.

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