What is the role of ndis quality and safeguards commission?

This agreement is called the NDIS Quality and Protection Framework and aligns the various quality and safeguarding functions performed by each state and territorial government during the initial implementation of the NDIS and includes additional regulatory and research powers. Once the NDIS is fully operational in Western Australia, Australia will have a single national registration and regulatory system for NDIS providers, which will establish a coherent approach to quality and safeguards. For the first time, the NDIS Commission brings together several quality and safeguards functions in a single agency, with a set of educational and regulatory powers that apply across Australia. The NDIS Commission is independent of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and will basically handle everything related to service providers, leaving the NDIA to focus on managing a plan that works well.

As the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission comes into force across Australia, participants will see changes in the complaints process and in the way restrictive and behavioral support practices are managed. Designed to protect people with disabilities, this Commission works with providers across Australia to ensure that they offer a high level of service and support to NDIS participants. In fact, the NDIS Commission simplifies things by setting clear expectations that are standard across the country.

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