Can i change from plan managed to self managed?

Self-management is when you manage your NDIS funds. It gives you the flexibility and the option to decide what supports to buy to achieve your plan's goals. Assist Plan Managers recognizes the country's traditional landlords across Australia and their ongoing connection to land, sea and community. Independent plan managers, such as My Plan Manager, specialize in providing plan management services and do not provide any other services to NDIS participants.

If you choose to manage the plan, you'll get benefits similar to those of self-administration, but you don't have to take on any of the tasks of managing the plan. We have developed the NDIS Guide to Self-Management for people who are self-managing or are interested in self-managing their NDIS funds. Having the support of a plan administrator gives you more flexibility and freedom in using your NDIS funds. If you like to have full control of your NDIS funds and manage all the administrative tasks, such as paying your suppliers, keeping your records and processing requests from the NDIS portal, self-management is an excellent option for you.

Contact the NDIS (National Disability Insurance System) on 1800 800 110 and request a “plan variant” to move from being managed by an agency or self-managed to managed by a plan. However, this comes with some additional responsibilities that don't involve being managed by an agency or plan. Plan administration is free for all NDIS participants, and all fees are paid by the NDIS from the “Better Living Choices” budget.

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