How do you review an ndis decision?

Once we inform you of the original decision, you have 3 months to request an internal review. This is 3 months from the day after we receive our written decision. A “plan review” is carried out on a regular basis, as established by the NDIA (normally every 12 months). When the plan is reviewed, the process is basically the same as the initial planning process, only with the benefit of more information.

The amount of support funded in plans may increase or decrease at the time of the review, so it's important to prepare the same way you would prepare for the first plan. The resources on the How to Make the Most of an NDIS Plan page will help you. The NDIS participant can also initiate the review of the plans. The most reliable way to do this is to go to the NDIS home page, at www, ndis, gov, au, and type “change of plan” or “change of circumstances” in the “Site Search” field.

The search results should include links to the forms to request a review. To review or appeal an NDIS decision, you may find it more reliable to go to the NDIS home page at www, ndis, gov, au and type “internal review of a decision” in the “Site Search” field. To review or appeal an NDIS decision, you will probably find it more reliable to go to the main NDIS page at www.

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