Does the ndis provider finder provide access to customer reviews of providers?

The supplier search animation explains how to use the supplier search engine. Learn more about using this tool. The supplier search tool, available on myplace's provider and participant portals, offers both suppliers and participants the ability to search for suppliers by name, location and group of services or professionals. At any time, you can file a complaint, praise, or offer a suggestion to help us improve our service.

There are several ways in which you can do this. If you are concerned about the quality or safety of the NDIS supports or services you receive, you can file a complaint with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. You can provide feedback on how we perform our functions or on the performance and conduct of our staff. We welcome any ideas you may have about how we can improve.

You can fill out an online form to file a complaint, share a compliment or send us your comments. Your complaint will be handled by a staff member who has not been previously involved in your problem. We do this so that you can be sure that your complaint will be handled independently. If you don't have that person's consent, you can file a complaint, but we can only respond in general terms.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can ask us to reconsider it and the way it was handled. If you don't agree with a decision we've made, such as a decision about your access to the NDIS or your NDIS plan, you can request a review. Your request for internal review must be submitted within 3 months of the decision. Partner health providers provide tests, evaluations, and reports that inform the access and planning decisions made by NDIA delegates (planners) under the NDIS Act.

Before committing to an NDIS service provider, be sure to research your options and understand what type of services each provider offers.

All housing specializing in housing for people with disabilities (SDA) must be enrolled in the NDIA through my NDIS provider portal

. The step-by-step guide to my NDIS provider portal describes how my NDIS provider portal works, with examples of the menus and screens of the portal. Guidelines are available to help both suppliers and NDIS workers understand their obligations under the NDIS Code of Conduct.

The NDIS provides funding to participants for supports and services aimed at increasing their independence, inclusion, and social and economic participation. All existing suppliers that access the myplace vendor portal myplace will be able to access the my NDIS supplier portal. The AHPA provider preparation checklist (external) contains important information on how to become an NDIS provider. The locations of the suppliers are shown on a map (unless the supplier has chosen to have their address deleted).

The my NDIS provider portal is separate from the MyPlace vendor portal, where providers submit payment requests and create service bookings. The my NDIS provider portal, which is accessed by providers specializing in accommodation for the disabled, allows providers to register and manage SDA housing. The NDIS Commission is responsible for establishing, operating and maintaining the NDIS worker selection database that supports the NDIS worker selection verification. Students, allied health professionals, and interim psychologists can provide services to NDIS participants that help ensure the best outcome for the participant.

The NDIS price agreements and price limits list the maximum prices that providers can request for personal care, community access, domestic assistance, and professional services...

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