Does the ndis provider finder provide information about provider services or specialties?

The vendor search animation explains how to do this. The supplier search animation explains how to use the supplier search engine. The reform of the NDIS will significantly alter the current landscape of services for the disabled and the service models that have evolved from the welfare system. The landscape will constantly be reshaped to become a competitive market with competitive business models backed by the provision of customer-oriented services.

The customization of services is expected to respond to the individual needs and preferences of program participants as they exercise their purchasing power in the market. These directory tables also include several service providers that are not listed in the NDIS, but that can continue to provide support services if your NDIS plan is managed or self-managed, or if you pay for the services yourself. Disability employment service providers (DES) providers of employment services for the disabled (DES) play a specialized role in helping people with disabilities, injuries, or health problems prepare to look for a job, find one and keep a job. The NDIS program provides financial assistance in choosing the right health care for each person.

In its role as market administrator, the NDIA seeks to create a level of certainty for the existing market and to demonstrate new supply opportunities to NDIS participants for existing suppliers and potential new entrants.

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