What is ndis support coordinator?

You and your support coordinator should also make sure you have a plan that will prepare you for these situations. Your support coordinator can help you take action in the event of a crisis situation. Once a service plan has been designed, your support coordinator can help you, your family and your caregivers implement the plan. Your support coordinator should not act as an independent disability advocate in your name.

However, your support coordinator can help you understand when you might need a formal advocate. Support coordination is support funded by the NDIS for “capacity building”. It aims to help implement all of the NDIS supports included in a participant's plan and helps participants establish connections with conventional and informal (formal) community supports. This is a higher level of support coordination.

It is aimed at people whose situations are more complex and who need specialized support. A specialized support coordinator will help participants manage the challenges of the support environment and ensure the consistent delivery of the service. If you are not satisfied with the quality or safety of NDIS supports and services, your support coordinator can also help you file a complaint with the NDIS Commission.

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