Can i study psychology if i have a mental illness?

So, can you be a mental health professional (psychologist, mental health nurse, therapist) and suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Do many psychological studies rely on participants dedicating their time to participating in experiments or completing questionnaires? They participate because they are paid or because they are required to do so as part of their university studies. But beyond this, not much is known about what motivates people to participate in these studies. Some people who have been diagnosed with mental illness may wonder if a person with a mental illness can still earn a degree in psychological psychology.

The answer is not only affirmative, but often a person who has been diagnosed with a mental illness and has faced it can provide a great deal of information about this line of work. Not everyone who studies psychology ends up working as psychologists, but a degree in psychology can open many doors and pave the way for any number of careers in companies and organizations in the United States. According to the American Psychological Association, several different surveys have found that a significant number of graduate students in psychology struggle with mental illness.

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