Does the ndis provider finder allow me to filter my search results by criteria such as location, services, or payment methods?

The myplace vendor portal is a secure website developed for suppliers to manage, view and manage their transactions with the NDIA. The activity staff report allows suppliers to search for staff added to activity records using a variety of search criteria. For example, in the case of a group activity to which more than one staff member has been added or several staff shifts, the results returned in this report will include the same activity several times, and each result will reflect the staff that facilitated the activity. The option to continue with the creation of the BPR will be available, as long as there are assignments that can be processed; however, the allocations associated with an invalid NDIS number will not be included.

Once the activity has been approved, the relevant customer's NDIS support assignments will be available for inclusion in an NDIS direct mass payment (BPR) request for their request. When creating an NDIS direct customer funding record, the corresponding state or territory in which the customer's NDIS plan was issued must be selected.

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