How do i contact a provider listed on the ndis provider finder?

Learn more about using this tool. You can access the NDIS provider finder here or through the MyPlace portal. The NDIS describes a service provider as “a person, company, or organization that provides funded services. My Plan Manager has used the best provider search engines and online platforms for NDIS support workers to help you find service providers and workers in your local community.

One of the many ways in which the NDIS gives you choice and control is by allowing you to choose which NDIS service providers you use. These directory tables also include several service providers that are not listed in the NDIS, but that can continue to provide support services if your NDIS plan is managed or self-managed, or if you pay for the services yourself. When searching for providers, you can use additional filters, such as access method and age group, to find the provider that's right for you. Karista allows you to obtain more information and prices from the providers you would like to use and, if you wish, transmit your data to the provider so that they can call you back.

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