Who manages ndis funds?

Your suppliers claim payment electronically from your funds. Administered by the agency means that the NDIA will handle payments and administration. The NDIA will provide funds in your plan to pay a plan administrator to pay your providers for you, help you keep track of the funds, and handle financial reporting for you. For example, you can choose to self-manage part of your plan from the start and let the NDIA manage the rest.

Even if your funds are managed by the NDIA or a plan administrator, you should regularly check the myplace portal and your funds to ensure that your budgets are on track. Disadvantages of managing NDIS funds through a plan If you use a plan administrator, you can only pay NDIS providers up to the maximum NDIS rate. Remember that you can change the type of administration of your plan at the plan review meeting or between meetings by requesting a plan review. You can change the way you manage your child's plan by requesting it as part of the reevaluation of your child's plan.

Your early childhood partner, LAC planner, or NDIA will ask you how you would like to manage NDIS funds during the planning meeting. If you want the NDIA to manage your NDIS plan, you can request it at the NDIS planning meeting. It also means making sure that funds are spent on supports that help your child meet the goals of their NDIS plan. When you develop your child's NDIS plan, you will be asked how you want to manage your child's NDIS funds.

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