How do i change from agency managed to plan managed?

Fortunately, if you want access to plan administration, you don't need to wait for your plan to be reviewed. If you're in the middle of a plan and don't need to review it, you can move on to managing the plan by contacting your local area coordinator (LAC) or the NDIS directly. For example, you can choose to manage part of your plan yourself to begin with and let the rest be managed by the NDIA. This request should not only indicate your preference to have it now managed by the plan, but also who would like to have your NDIS funds managed.

Agency-managed: This is where the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages your funds for you. There are certain factors that must be included in the participants' NDIS plan, such as who will manage the financial aspects and what objectives they have. Your partner dedicated to early childhood or LAC or NDIA planner will ask you how you would like to manage NDIS funds during the planning meeting. A plan administrator will act as your personal accountant and record holder, oversee payments and bills, ensure that you don't overspend, provide you with the necessary financial statements before your plan is reviewed, and advise you on whether expenses are allowed and are properly allocated from your funding budget.

If you decide to move from agency management or self-management to plan management, you'll need to make a “plan management request”. Here are the key things you need to know to move to plan management while you're in the middle of your NDIS plan. Working with First2Care means you can let go of any financial stress you may have in relation to your NDIS financial management obligations and focus on your goals, objectives and aspirations. Even if your funds are managed by the NDIA or a plan administrator, you should regularly check the myplace portal and your funds to ensure that your budgets are on track.

It offers you the best advantages of being managed by an agency (for example, having someone to manage your finances) and self-managing (for example, having more options in terms of support and service providers to contract with). At the meeting, you can talk to them about why you would like to make this change to your NDIS plan and how this change will benefit you in the short and long term to achieve your goals.

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